Important information about COVID-19

At Enjoybcn, the comfort, health and safety of our guests and employees is always our main concern. In these uncertain times, we would like to assure you that we have extremely high standards of health and safety in all of our Barcelona apartments. In addition, our service has the following advantages.

Zero physical contact
In Enjoybcn ALL the process of reservation, check in, assistance and check out, can be done on-line, and without any physical contact, completely eliminating the possibility of contagion and ensuring the non-transmission of COVID19.

  • You can book online through our website, by phone calling to 0034 93 300 22 11 or by email using
  • Once the reservation is made, you will receive our codes to access your apartment where you will find everything you need so that your stay is as if you were at home at all levels. Of comfort and safety.
  • Any incident has at your disposal our 24-hour telephone number for immediate assistance.
  • To check out, you will leave the key inside the apartment, on the table and our cleaning and maintenance team will enter when no one is there anymore, for the corresponding disinfection.

Private stay
Our apartments are all private. Privacy ensures less physical contact than in other types of establishments. Thus also offering a higher level of security and tranquility.

Total hygiene
We have taken additional health and hygiene measures to help keep our guests and employees safe:

  • The cleaning staff will also clean and disinfect, at no additional cost, all the occupied apartments.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning our common areas and services for common use (lobby, elevators, laundry, doors, public toilets, apartment keys, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer liquid will be available in the apartments and / or in the common areas for your use.
  • All Enjoybcn staff have been trained to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and we will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are our top priority throughout our operations.

Cancellation policy
At Enjoybcn we understand the need our guests have for flexibility in planning their trips during this time and we want you to feel safe when booking. For this reason, since 2020 we have made our cancellation policy more flexible by reducing the cancellation fee to only 5 days prior to your arrival and the cost of cancellation to 25% if you book through the website or directly with us.

If your booking was made via an online travel agent or other third-party travel professional, you should contact the booking provider to make amendments.

We continue to closely monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 situation and are following instructions from the World Health Organization and relevant local health and government authorities.
We recognize that these are difficult times and whenever you are ready to travel, we all look forward to welcoming you.
Book quietly, travel quietly, be quiet.

Thanks for trusting us.