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“The mission of Enjoy Barcelona is to offer customers experiences in top-level tourist apartments, where the service and personalized attention define our “hospitality By Enjoy ”seal, improving the lives of people and the environment”

Our DNA makes us improve and look for alternatives and measures that are friendly to the environment and the society that surrounds us. We are aware of our importance in the gearing of the planet, socially and environmentally speaking, and that everything we can contribute in this regard, creates awareness and brings a grain of sand in this change that we want to lead in our sector. A model where luxury is not synonymous of white glove and where behaviors and ways of doing are more identified with ethical and respectful products.



"We work so that our apartments become the benchmark establishment of the city of Barcelona, in terms of spontaneous service, connected to the city, vibrant, original and committed to the Environment and society."
A continuación pasamos a enumerar las diferentes acciones que se llevan a cabo a nivel ambientas y social.Next we will enumerate the different actions that are carried out at an environmental and social level.



  • To serve our customers, the Enjoy BCN operations and maintenance team travels in electric vehicles (motorcycles and electric scooters) or bicycles. The rest of the team also does it on electric motorcycles or public transport.
  • We run away from plastic:
    • In the offices of Enjoy we have installed an osmosis system for the consumption of workers and customers who come to check in / check out to our offices.
    • We try that all the products we serve our clients, both for breakfast and for the attention we have for them, do not contain plastic: sandwiches wrapped with kraft paper, jams in glass jars, water in 100% recyclable briks, ...
  • We recycle:
    • In the Enjoy BCN offices all the waste produced is recycled by the employees themselves.
    • In the apartments we provide different containers and information on where the closest containers to the building are located.
  • Product of km 0: we work with companies that provide us with proximity products.
  • The packaging of the amenities we provide are biodegradable.
  • Many of the soaps and detergents used for cleaning the apartments are biodegradable.
  • To improve energy efficiency all enclosures (windows and doors) have been replaced to prevent heat / cold leaks.
  • Hot water has been centralized in the buildings that are recirculated to avoid wasting cold water.



  • We collaborate financially with the El Llindar Foundation (www.elllindar.org), a foundation that works with adolescents at risk of exclusion, doubling any financial contribution made by a client.
  • The Fundació Roura (www.fundacioroure.org) that performs social action in Ciutat Vella, provides laundry services for some of our buildings.
  • The Cassià Just con Cuina Justa Foundation (www.cuinajusta.com) is a social economy company that works with vulnerable people and offers them employment and job opportunities. They provide us with our customers' breakfast sandwiches.


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