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A key feature of EnjoyBCN: The solidarity of its guests

At EnjoyBCNwe hold the keys to the finest apartments for a wonderful stay in Barcelona, but we also hold another much more important key: the key that opens the door to a brighter future for those most in need. Enjoybcn honoured its commitment to double the sum every year:

Over the course of 2015:

  • 1,313 generous guests pledged a contribution.
  • €2.220 donated by our customers
  • Enjoybcn raising the total contribution to €4.440.

Over the course of 2016:

  • 1,316 generous guests pledged a contribution.
  • €2.669 donated by our customers
  • Enjoybcn raising the total contribution to €5.338.


We are extremely proud to be able to help the foundation El Llindar and we would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our guests who made a contribution. With our support, this non-profit foundation can continue working to promote equality of opportunity among young people and to ensure that around 500 boys and girls in danger of social exclusion have access to education.


EnjoyBCN’s commitment

At EnjoyBCN we have drawn up a plan of solidarity through which we offer periodic support to various national and international NGOs, in accordance with Law 49/2002. Our proposal is very simple: once a customer has made a reservation, we invite them to show their solidarity with the cause we support. If the customer accepts our invitation and decides to make a contribution, we do the same, because EnjoyBCNhas made a commitment to double the donation, matching the amount pledged by our customer.

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