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What’s Liber 2018?

Liber 2018 is an international book fair that takes place in Barcelona Spain, from the 3rd to the 5th of October 2018, both inclusive. It is an international trade fair for books, authors, publishers, illustrators and editors, with special focus on the Spanish language book sector. If this is your world or passion, you need to book your space now, not just for the show but also for your accommodation. Liber 2017 was a huge success and Liber 2018 will be exactly the same, if not even better. It is much more than a book fair in Barcelona; it’s a meeting point for book dealers and book sellers worldwide


Liber Spain 2018 is going to have over 500 book buyers exhibiting, from over 70 countries, which is an extraordinary international presence. It shows the importance of Liber 2018 and if you have anything to do with the book world, whether educational or literary, you should be considering to plan your trip well in advance. Meaning book your space as an exhibitor or a visitor, and your accommodation in Barcelona.


The aim of the show and the Barcelona book fair is to bring together people from all aspects of the book world, in order for better business opportunities. Exhibitors and visitors include book distributors, publishers, literary agents, authors, booksellers, librarians, teachers, journalists and translators. The idea is to give people the opportunity to network and to focus on commercial and export opportunities. This can be done via individual meetings at the fair, or by Liber 2018 conference services. The details are all on the site, and whether you book as an exhibitor or a participant, you will have access to all the book and literary meetings, talks and discussions.

Liber Barcelona showcases the wonderful world of books and is organised by the Spanish Association of Publishers' Guild. Bookings for Liber Barcelona are open to everyone. The show is an international book fair and an important meeting point for anyone in the world of books. This includes multimedia and digital publishers, graphic artists and graphic art companies, writers, authors, book suppliers and book distributors.


Liber Barcelona 2018 is not just for larger book companies, book distributors and literary agents, but for individuals too. The Barcelona book fair is an excellent place to network and make new contacts. You will find all the professional associations at the Barcelona book fair, but also book agents, authors, publishers, editors and artists. It’s an important place to meet the people who are in the same world that you are in, and to talk about anything and everything to do with books.

If you would like to take part in Liber 2018, you will find the application form and all the details right here: http://www.liber.es/en/participa-como-expositor

There are book fairs that take place all over the world. But Barcelona’s book fair has become one of the largest and most successful because of the huge influence of Spanish books. Spanish educational books are sought world-wide, and Spanish fiction and non-fiction is amongst the best. It’s not just books that are in demand. The technology that is now associated with books - apps and e-books - is a huge market, and one that will be showcased at Liber 2018.


Organise your visit

Because there are participants coming from all around the world we would recommend you to organize your visit in advance. Either if you plan it with anticipation or you are a last minute attendee to Liber Barcelona 2018, we have the ideal accommodation for you at EnjoyBCN. We offer some of the best deals on great quality apartments in Barcelona for Liber 2018. Note that we also provide you with a dedicated concierge service that will assist you to arrange your transport, meeting rooms, grocery shopping, tickets and all what you need to make your stay perfect. You can book online, not just for the show itself, but for all your travel arrangements too.

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Where to stay

If you would like to book accommodation for your visit, you can choose among our huge range of properties in Barcelona. It is a good idea to book yourself an apartment that is within easy reach of the venue and our gorgeous apartment buildings are all in excellent locations.

apartments in barcelona city center

Barcelona is an easy city to get around. From our apartments you can walk, take a taxi or use public transport easily. And of course you can enjoy a fabulous swim after the show, or a divine meal, either self-catered or in one of the many nearby restaurants.


These are some of the services and facilities you will enjoy at all our properties:
  • Chef at home
  • Private catering with professional ham cutter
  • Private Cocktail Bartender
  • Spa / Massage / Physiotherapist
  • Private City Tours for small or large groups
  • A dedicated concierge who will assist you with every aspect of your visit and provide you with a wide range of services, i.e: transport, meeting rooms, grocery shopping, tickets, etc.


Barcelona is the most fabulous city and you can spend hours exploring the architecture, narrow cobbled-streets, beautiful shops, markets and museums. We would suggest you give yourself a few extra days, either pre or post Liber Barcelona.

Liber 2018 takes place in Hall 1, at the Gran Via Venue, in Barcelona. The dates are 3 to 5 October 2018, inclusive. You can download a map in advance and find all the details of Liber 2018 right here . Liber 2017 had over 350 exhibitors and over 10 thousand visitors. Book your stay early and don’t miss Liber 2018. We look forward to hosting you.

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If you make a booking on enjoybcn, you will have spacious apartments with multiple bathrooms in order to ensure privacy among colleagues. Our buildings are very safe and have good locations, in order to guarantee the best connections. These are undoubtedly the best apartments for active professionals.

And as we like to go a step further, our spectacular terraces with a pool are the perfect solution for relaxing after a long day of work. Also, my 24 hr assistance will make the stay much more pleasant. I will help you with anything you need, from booking a good restaurant, a spectacular meeting room or the fashionable spot you choose. Everything you need, when you need it.

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